During the first consultation, the naturopath will  carry out a naturopathic assessment including :

The anamnesis including a variety of questionnaires regarding

     ▪ The personal and family medical histories.

     ▪ The current medical follow-up.

     ▪ Eating habits.

     ▪ The digestive, circulatory, respiratory systems etc.

An assessment of the person's vitality to determine the level of vitality, the strength or weaknesses of the person in order to create a personalised program of vital hygiene comprising :

     ▪ A morpho psychological examination (constitutions, temperament, diathesis)

     ▪ An irodology examination (study of the iris of the eye)

     ▪ A pulsology examination

In the following days of the consultation, will be send a personalised program of vital hygiene ( P.H.V) containing, as a minimum, advice and recommendations on :

      ▪ Nutrition

      ▪ Physical and breathing exercises

      ▪ Neuro-psychological  health (relaxation, stress management...)

      ▪ Hydrology

      ▪ Supplementation (healthy food, nutritional supplements, plants, essential oils etc ...)