The health practitioner Naturopath is a health educator, a lifestyle coach who takes time to listen. His or her role is to teach and advise on the best possible lifestyle in order to prevent illness or ill health .

The naturopath does not replace a doctor, nor does he provide medical diagnosis, prescribe a medical treatment nor alter a prescription. He or she will prepare a summary of your vitality and will establish a program to improve your vitality and health.

The naturopath must remain humble and aware of his limitations and should therefore know when to delegate to other members of the medical community.

His role is to empower the individual; limits are therefore directly related to the determination and personal involvement of his client.

He or she supports the self-healing of the person by a correction of the biological terrain through a change of individual lifestyles and the implementation of naturopathic cures (detox, revitalization, anti-radical or stabilization).