It is a cure to cleanse and purify the body by removing the toxins and poisons that have accumulated over time and are responible for functional disorders. It can last from weeks to months. This cure is divided into three stages :

- A period of diet  reducing  or eliminating over-consumed or harmful foods consisting of a diet, mono diet (a restricting food intake of one food for a period of time) or a cure of a seasonal fasting.
- A period of emunctory or excretory organs stimulation (liver, intestines, kidneys, skin or lungs) in order to eliminate waste or overload of toxins.
- A period of relaxation in general (relaxation techniques , sport, singing  etc…) to free up vital energy "wasted" by using too much of our thinking brain (periods of stress, anxiety, non refreshing sleep…) in favor of the visceral or metabolic brain that is necessary for the proper functioning of our body.




Even by trying to have the best lifestyle possible, the conditions of modern life (stress, pollution, hectic pace of city life, climate)  lead to more or less significant deficiencies in vitamins, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and trace elements etc. 

This cure is divided into five stages :

- Setting up an optimum nutritional background :  because our digestive system is different from that of carnivors, it should consist of 80% of raw vegetables and 20% of raw meat and fish . This is also called hypotoxic regime.
- Nutritional individualisation : to supplement the hypotoxic diet (which may not be suitable for all) by introducing cooked foods (cereals, vegetables, legumes, fish, eggs, poultry) according to the needs of the individual.
- Food supplements intake : to fill gaps in the individual's nutrition (algea, oils, sprouts, fresh pollen, sea water, vegetables or grass juices , spirulina…) 
- Elimination of devitalising factors : stress, smoking, alcohol, stimulants, overwork, various pollutions, lack of sleep. 
- Introduction of vitalising elements  : sleep, breathing, laughing, sun, human contact, contacts with nature (trees plants, animals…), energetic exercices ( Ki gong, yoga …), meditation etc



This cure has the aim to minimise oxidifying sources (such as tobacco, pollutions, UV radiations, stress,lack of sleep, intensive sport…) while providing antioxydant food   (such as green tea, blueberry, ginger, broccoli, turmeric, fresh pollen…) or antioxydant food supplements  (Vitamins : A, E, C , trace elements  : Selenium, zinc, sulfur amino acids, plants extracts : Co-enzyme Q10, bioflavonoids …)



In practice this cure is relatively rare because it is based on the achievement of an optimum good health (non-existence of a deficiency in nutriments or an overload of toxins), a stressless environment and a conducive climate.

The cure has the aim to harmonise (check the hot spots and develop the spiritual level…) and to balance metabolic exchanges and exchanges with nature amongst others.