Christophe FELZINES (Naturopath)

Naturopathy: natural solutions for your health


If someone wants health, we must first ask if he is ready to remove the causes of his illness, only then you can have it. (Hippocrates)

Are you concerned about your health, do you want to support and improve your lifestyle through natural means, find fitness and vitality, be advised of your diet, find another way to treat your chronic ailments (stress, tiredness, weight, insomnia, digestive problems ...), or simply improve your health ? Naturopathy can be the solution, and it is through this thousand-year-old discipline and yet full of promise that I can help you.




I conduct my profession with the utmost respect for everyone, without trial or obligation, and in the strictest confidence. I do not perform any medical procedure, and never interfere with a given prescription. A session of naturopathy is no substitute for medical treatment or a visit to your GP.