Comment allez-vous... ?

Savez-vous que l’origine de cette expression remontant à la renaissance et citée quotidiennement par des millions de personnes signifiait en fait : « Comment allez-vous à la selle ? ».

Demander à une personne la qualité de ses selles équivalait à lui demander s’il était en bonne santé, et représentait donc un signe de politesse et d’attention envers l’interlocuteur.

Puisqu’il est temps de prendre de bonnes résolutions, pourquoi alors ne pas se « pencher » sur la manière dont nous allons toutes et tous à la selle, geste pas si anodin et que l’on renouvelle normalement quotidiennement ?

Drôle de résolution me diriez-vous ? Et bien pourtant, savez-vous que la position classique assise sur le « trône » n’est physiologiquement pas adaptée à une bonne évacuation des selles. C’est comme vouloir utiliser un tuyau d’arrosage en le pliant, on ne se facilite pas la tâche.

Et oui, la position physiologiquement correcte est la position accroupie comme dans les toilettes Turques, c’est à dire avec les genoux positionnés plus haut que les hanches.

Dans cette position, la « tuyauterie du tout à l’égout » (désolé, je n’ai pas pu résister), ne subit pas de restriction (car le muscle pubo-rectal est relâché), ce qui permet une évacuation plus facile, plus rapide et plus complète des selles, sans trop forcer. Cette technique est à adopter sans tarder pour toutes les personnes souffrant entre autres de constipation ou d’hémorroïdes, mais dans le cadre d’une bonne hygiène de vie, par tout le monde.

Problème : comment faire ? Tout casser et remplacer nos confortables toilettes par des toilettes à la Turques ? Non bien sur, il y a des solutions beaucoup plus faciles et économiques, tout simplement en trouvant un moyen de surélever les pieds. Vous pouvez utiliser un ou plusieurs bottins téléphonique (d’une capitale, c’est mieux), un tabouret... ce que vous trouverez et qui vous conviendra le mieux.

J’ai aussi trouvé sur amazon un modèle spécialement conçu à cet effet et dont voici la photo.

 Je n’ai pas pu résister à l’envie de vous copier le commentaire hilarant d’un utilisateur convaincu par cet article. C’est en anglais mais ça vaut vraiment le coup de faire un petit effort pour le lire !

Alors tous en selles...

 Customer review

« I gingerly climbed on top of the plastic contraption now ringing my porcelain throne. It soon became apparent that I couldn't keep my britches at my ankles as I normally did. No, they had to go entirely, along with my underthings. And if there is anything more ridiculous on this planet than the sight of a human man wearing a t-shirt and nothing else, I have yet to experience it. So in the interest of saving myself this unfortunate view, I doffed the shirt as well. Now entirely naked, I again attempted to step onto the device. I was unsure, but it seemed to hold. I settled down to the seat, with only the extremities of my posterior touching. My knees were up at my chest. This, plus my complete nakedness, felt very primal. It felt third-world and adventurous. It felt... RIGHT. I concentrated on the task at hand. I had felt a slight urge to go, and had been eager to try out the new purchase. I had been intrigued by the promise that my business would henceforth require substantially less effort on my part, because of the wild beast–man position it forced upon me. But I was still skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. Surely the difference couldn't be that dras— HOLY HELL I'M POOPING.

Well, let me clarify. It wasn’t so much that I was dropping a deuce. Oh, it was being dropped; that much was undeniable. But I couldn't really claim agency on said descent. Gravity was doing the work. I was merely the meaty husk from which it made its hasty escape. Used to more of a segmented approach to waste disposal, I was quite surprised that the creature making its egress from my nethers had more the appearance of a python. Smooth, and consistent in width, it coiled luxuriously in a pool of toilet water that is (or at least was) cleaner than the water that most of the people on this planet drink. As it continued to coil, my emotional state flowed from one of surprise, to horror, to amazement, and then again to horror as the snake coiled higher and higher, like soft serve ice cream at anall-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. It was now surfacing above the water line. But still, the snake showed no signs that it was anywhere near finished with its journey. In a panic, I pawed at the flusher. The poor toilet strained, but eventually sent things on their way. But I wasn’t done yet. As the toilet flushed the waste away, more came to replace it. As the flush subsided, the coil started anew. And then I was done. I tried to catch my breath as the toilet flushed a second time. I felt my liver shift and expand, unsure what to do with all the extra space now afforded to it. I cleaned up and stood, almost dizzy after the affair. “Wow. A+++”, I thought to myself. “Would poop again.”

“Very well,” my bowels seemed to answer, “let’s have another go!”

“Surely you’re joking”, I thought, scrambling to once again work myself into proper Tarzanic stance. There couldn’t possibly be anything left inside of me. I genuinely began to worry that what would come out next might be some vital organ, brought to a freedom-seeking frenzy by all the commotion. But no, it was yet another perfectly formed tube of human excrement. I sat, mouth agape, as number two (round two) breached the water line and came to a graceful finish, leaving an improbable conical shape below me. As I flushed the toilet for the third time in what had astoundingly only been about 70 seconds I wondered if life would ever be the same again. »